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I A D  performs 2D and 3D digitizing utilizing a touch trigger probe mounted on a CNC milling

machine equipped with linear glass scales, this setup yields a very clean + accurate data set.

The probe can be fitted with a variety of different styluses: ball, cylinder and disc shapes

ranging in size from 0.040" ( 1.0 mm ) to 2.00" ( 50.0 mm ) in diameter.  The size and shape is

selected to match the features of the model.   Three types of scan can be done :

  MEANDER -  back and forth along the X or the Y axis for 3D surfaces
  CONTOUR -  travel around an object at increments in height for 2D + 3D
  PROGRAMMED -  probe at specific points and along pathways - flow lines

The minimum interval between data points and the incremental distance between scan lines is

controlled to best reveal the details without an unecessarily large data set.  Local high density

scans can be combined with lower density surface scans when appropriate.  2D contours,  

single point datums and circles ( center + radius ) are often used in conjunction with 3D scans.



aproximately 24" X 14" x 14" ( 600 mm X 350 mm X 350 mm )

in a single setup, larger with repostioning

this is a contact technique so the harder the model the better

high density foams are not a problem, low density urethane and

styrofoam are do-able with some surface preparation


IGES surface and wireframe, DXF, ASCII and STL for CAD systems

POV, 3DM, OBJ and a variety of other meshes for rendering

we can reconstruct and fully develope trimmed surfaces for you

provide data for import to your CAD system, raw or preprocessed

NC code to drive your mill for pantographing and copymilling


hearing aid, toothbrush head, goggle lens, bottle, powertool housing,

toys, spouts and faucets, massage tool, bicycle wheel block, bicycle

helmet, computer mice and trackball, gaming joystick, steel forging,

hair trimmer, vacuum cleaner, golf club, LCD projector, grips.



click on images to get details
steel forging
child's helmet
gaming base
gaming joystick
goggle lens
crab shell
tub spout
power drill
wheel block

copyright © 1999 - 2018 by INDUSTRIAL ARTS and DESIGN, all rights reserved