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HELIODONS   are used to simulate the lighting conditions at a specific latitude, time of year and time of day.   In this fixed sun style the model is adjusted in relation to a mounted light source - a narrow beam flood lamp 30 to 40 feet distant with an output of 600  to  1000 watts, representing the sun.

The most recent device H04 was constructed for the American University in Cairo, Egypt. This device was fabricrated as per the heliodon at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Improvements included on these two instruments are machine engraved scales and a spring loaded split worm gear arrangement.

CLICK HERE   to see vist ithe BSU / CERES web site .  

I A D   performed the detailed design,  machining,  finishing and assembly of the first two heliodons in collaboration with professor Chris Benton, UC Berkeley, and Paul LaBerge. The original device is at the Pacific Gas and Electric Co.'s  Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, CA. ( built in 1991 and in still in daily use with several thousand studies completed ) and the second instrument is at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

CLICK HERE   to jump to the PGE / Pacific Energy Center site for more information.

CLICK HERE   for more information and specifications.

CLICK HERE   for a PDF spec sheet.

CLICK HERE   for a MSWord document spec sheet.


See the heliodon of the PGE / Pacific Energy Center in action  



VIDEO  No. 1         PG&E   Heliodon           3:42

VIDEO  No. 2         PG&E   Solar Model      2:31

VIDEO  No. 3         PG&E   Pacific Energy Center   3:06    heliodon begins 2:04





copyright © 1999 - 2018 by INDUSTRIAL ARTS and DESIGN, all rights reserved