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CRAB SHELL SURFACE    nominal size is  1" x 1"   ( 25 mm  x  25 mm )


the original scan was approximately   25,000 data points

typical  0.008"  point to point,  0.010"   line to line interval

surface was processed to  120  U points  x  120 V points

      cshell.igs          1,071   KB  
      cshell.zip              227   KB  







test model provided by IDEO Palo Alto, CA


WAVE TEST SURFACE    nominal size is 72 mm  x  72 mm (  2.8" x 2.8"  )

( IGES  file is in millimeters   !!!!!! )



The original scan was   20,654 data points , effective  probe radius = 0.937 mm ( 0.037 " ).

Typical  0.25 mm ( 0.010" ) point to point,  1.00 mm ( 0.039" )   line to line interval.

The original raw data had 274 to 300 data points per scan line with the datum at center of ball.

The first step is to grid the input so that all lines have the same number of points ..... 301 per line.

The next step is to calculate the local slope at each point and find the actual contact point on

the surface. This surface data set was then sparsed.....thinned out to 19 rows of 31 points each.


The file contains a few rows of data points which show some of the key advantages of touch

trigger probe digitizing . . . the raw data set is extremely accurate, ordered and without noise.



layer   1

  NURBS surface
  layer   2   interpolate points of the NURBS surface   
  layer   20   raw input points, a few scan lines
  layer   21   NURBS spline fitted through the raw input
  layer   30   gridded input points, a few scan lines
  layer   31   NURBS spline fitted through gridded input
  layer   40   calculated offset points,    0.937 mm  radius compensation  in  3D
  layer   41   NURBS spline through the offset ( i.e. surface contact ) points
      wavex0f.igs          1,036 KB
      wavex0f.zip             183 KB
if you would like a different file format or if you have any problems,    please contact :


copyright © 1999 - 2018 by INDUSTRIAL ARTS and DESIGN, all rights reserved