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                                       HELIODON SPECIFICATIONS 


The heliodon is built to be used in a specific room with the angle of the main supports adjusted to aim at a fixed light source.

The light source should be a narrow focus theatrical spot light mounted on the ceiling about 30 to 45 feet away from the heliodon.


The heliodon consists of an adjustable model plate that is:


tilted to represent latitude

rotated through 360 degrees to simulate the movement of the sun in 24 hours

and the axis of rotation is adjustable to mimic the change of seasons


Model plate is 24 x 36 inches. Latitude and seasonal adjustment is provided by self-locking worm gears. 

The motion is internally limited.  Rotation through the hours of the day is effected by hand, is not internally

limited and can be fixed with a pinch collar parking brake. The primary brake drag is adjustable.

The principle material of construction is 6061 aluminum with external shafts and hardware made of

stainless steel, internal shafts are made from Stressproof steel.

The gear set is cast iron and hardened steel worm gears ( split and spring loaded ) .

All rotating components are supported on shielded ball bearings - ABEC 1.

The model plate and base plate are provided with a sanded finish / wax coated.

The arms, legs and main body are bead blasted and sealed with a clear low gloss urethane.

The parking brake handle and the worm gear drive hand wheels are polished / not coated.

The adjustments have machine engraved scales with a black epoxy fill.

The base plate has 2 wheels and 2 pads.

A wheeled jack is included to allow the heliodon to be moved and positioned.

For more information please contact Ian Melody